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Saeco Idea Cappuccino Fully Automatic

Saeco Idea Cappuccino Fully Automatic


Designed to satisfy every need, Saeco Modular/Idea Coffee Machine can be made up of various modules each completely independent, which can be placed side by side. Maximum professional quality in the minimum of space Modular is automatic: It combines high performance and compact dimensions. Every operation from the preparation and grinding of the coffee beans to dispensing of hot water and steam is completely automated. The Saeco Modular coffee machine is dedicated to bars, restaurants, canteens, offices, to simplify operation and offer a fast and efficient service.

Twin boiler, coffee grinder, pre-ground coffee container, continuous steam dispenser, hot water dispenser for tea, connections to hot water mains, permanent dose counter, adjustable temperatures, coffee can be dispensed in to a glass bowl for large meetings. Its main feature is the professional Cappuccinatore integrated built-in the dispenser. This way both coffee and milk are dispensed at the same time. The practical and hygienic Cappuccinatore takes the milk directly from the pack, transforming it in a thick, creamy foam. The Cappuccino version come with a double boiler (coffee boiler and hot water / steam boiler) wihch allows you to steam milk and brew coffee simultaneously and has 3 water circuits: 1 coffee circuit, 1 for hot water heated with independent heat exchangers attached to the boiler, 1 steam circuit. This gives improved brewing of steam, hot water and coffee.

Dimensions WxHxD 527x540x673 mm

Weight 63 Kg
Power 200/220/230/240V
Water boiler 1 lt
Coffee container 2100 gr
Used grounds container 100 grounds
Adjustable (70-155 ml) coffee grinder
Steam hot water dispenser
Preparation of two cups at the same time
Permanent dose counter
Adjustable coffee grinder
Coffee dosage adjustment
Power consumption 3250 W
Cup-heating plate
Connections to water mains