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Nouva Simonelli Appia 2 High Group


Appia by Nuova Simonelli incorporates several of the features found in the Aurelia, which is recognized as one of the best-performing espresso machines to hit the market in recent years. Appia combines beauty, durability, functionality, ergonomics, and versatility all in one machine. Not to mention its thermally compensated soft-infusion design that delivers great-tasting espresso shot after shot, and at a very affordable price.

Technical Information:
Net Weight 2 Group 54 kilo         3 Group 72 kilo
Grosse Weight 2 Group 66 kilo   3 Group 85
Power 2 Group 3200w 15 amp   3 Group 5200w 25 amp
Dimensions 780 x 545 x 530       3 Group 1010 x 545 x 530