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SAB E96 Espresso Machine


The E96 is a well-built traditional Italian commercial espresso machine with a stainless steel body. It___ good looks and special features make it particularly suited to the Australian market.

The large boiler capacity enables the E96 to generate the high steam production necessary to meet the continuous demand for today___ milky coffees whilst maximizing the dry steam quality to create the best possible milk texture.

The renowned E61 style group head used by the E96 provides the ultimate heat conduction and retention characteristics needed to produce great espresso. This ensures a consistent cup quality for the optimum flavour, body and aroma of the espresso

High stainless steel legs to provide clearance for easier cleaning 
Ergonomic angled group handles for easy use
Illuminated touch pads
Optimal group water temperature and flow rates for the best extraction

2 Group

    • Dimensions: W 695 X D 525 X H 440 mm
    • Boiler: 13.5 Litre


  • Power: 20 amp


  • Voltage: 220


  • Watt: 3000


  • Weight: 64.5kg


    3 Group

      • Dimensions: W 865 X D 525 X H 440 mm
      • Boiler: 20.5 Litre


  • Power: 25 amp


  • Voltage: 220


  • Watt: 5000